Vocal Coaching...

Finally fitting your wishes!

My idols are my inspirations

…and I did take the time to learn every aspect of their voices and singing technics. SCOTT STAPP, the Frontman and Running Wheel of Creed and his own projects, is my biggest inspiration in music and in my private life, he writes the most meaningful texts without extra words and sings with all his emotions and he represents a very important part in my life and in my career as an artist. I had the bless to meet him once after 16 years of waiting and also some other great famous voices.

Now I’m not saying I am going to teach you the voice of your favourite singer from that list, cuz that´s just not possible, but I can teach you his way of pronouncing words, let you discover vocal range and the tricks he uses which make him special as a performer…as a singer.

Learn the singing technics of:


1-Shaun Morgan Seether

2-Michael Stipe R.E.M

3-Scott Stapp Creed

4-Joe Cocker

5-Johnathan Davis Korn

6-James Hetfield Metallica

7-Eddie Vedder Pearl Jam

8-Aaron Lewis Staind

9-Brent Smith Shinedown

10-Chad Kroger Nickelback

11-Richie Sambora Bon Jovi

12-Corey Taylor Slipknot/Stone Sour

13-Marylin Manson

14-Mikael Stanne Dark Tranquillity

15-Chris Cornel Audioslave


You wish for another singer? Write me an Email…and I’ll contact you.

Band Coaching...

...Mostly as a friend...

My idols are my inspirations

There’s a difference between what a man/woman wants and what a man/woman can do. So it’s always good to set goals at first. What is it that you want to express, through your Music and with your band ? Let me help you organize your rehearsal setup, help you manage your arrangements . Let’s check for the right sounds and the right Drum Tuning.

Are you making this band for fun only or do you wanna get on bigger stages?…

I had enough time to experience a lot of feelings on stage, and back stage… I had a long experience with bands and rehearsals and I can give you a hand , a push.. and you go on.


Guitar Lessons...

Let's do this MY WAY, becuz it's the fast road...


Alternative Rock , Hard Rock, Neo-Metal, Heavy, Melodic-Heavy, Progressive, Blues.

Acoustic Guitar (Classic/Folk Guitar):

Country, Rock’n’Roll, Alternative, Classic, Spanish.

Most of the times, some pain is involved, spacially if you have very soft fingers skin , you will need a while till the skin gets harder and you can slide over the strings…

My job and duty is: To make all this WORTH it.

I have my ways, my own technics and pedagogy to teach you fast. That way you can start working on your own progress without my help or anybody else’s.